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Time effective solution for long term gain.

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This division comprises high-performing, dedicated, results-driven consultants, who source and place interim professionals within scaling and growing businesses.

With an extensive network of professionals, our contract team operate at speed and efficiency whilst ensuring that the quality of candidate is always high. We truly understand the struggles businesses face in the current market. Our sole purpose is to support and ensure that key projects can be completed on time and within budget, regardless of market conditions.

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Solution: Contract


  • Cost and Time Effective: Hiring a contractor means lower overheads for an organisation. Time to hire is reduced, along with limited time spent onboarding new hires, because contractors are industry experts. There is no obligation to pay sick leave, National Insurance contributions, holiday leave or pension. Plus, a higher ability to control the budget. Budgets can be controlled and forecasted effectively when using a contractor.
  • Flexibility: Unlike permanent employees, contractors come with flexibility, and there are no long-term ties when engaging with contractors. If a company requires support quickly, a contractor is certainly the option. They can often start on short notice, if not immediately, due to the nature of the work. Furthermore, they can hit the ground running, needing little time to adapt.
  • Specialist Project Professionals: As they engage on short projects, contractors come with many skills gathered over years of interim assignments. This positions them well to add immediate value to projects.
  • Upskill Permanent Staff: Engaging with a contractor is a quick way to upskill your current, permanent workforce. Along with their knowledge, they bring industry-standard skill sets to companies in a short space of time.
  • Interim Fulfilment: A contractor is a perfect way to fill an immediate requirement on a short-term basis with a quality candidate whilst seeking a more permanent solution.


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Halfords, the UK's largest retailer of motoring and cycling products and services, approached Forsyth Barnes to review their current systems and advise on a new technology team. The eTail organisation had been working with archaic technology and working methods, so the organisation decided to invest £50 million into a technology and business transformation initiative that spanned the entire enterprise.



Our contract division reviewed their current systems and ways of operation. We advised on various pillars of transformation, including addressing technical debt and upgrading legacy systems such as ERP, e-commerce platform, WMS, MarTech, and customer experience technology. Our biggest challenge was ensuring we worked with a 'waterfall approach' into a more Agile/DevOps method for their ongoing delivery plans.



Our lead consultants worked on placing for the transformation pillars, and whilst another team of consultants worked on the hands-on delivery in roles such as Project/Programme Managers, Business Analysts, Developers, Architects and Agile Coaches/Scrum Masters. Our focus was to place the interim director and head of level individuals first and then trickle down to the junior roles. By doing this, we managed to ensure strict deliverables were hit by reviewing progress against pre-set KPIs to ensure delivery stayed on track with minimal disruption.