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We are proud to be a culturally diverse with strong female leadership and a partner to the LGBTQIA+ community.


We find the best suitable candidates for our clients. Our DEI headhunting, talent mapping and interview management process ensures there is no unconscious bias throughout the process.

To ensure we are conducting DEI headhunting, our talent mapping uses AI and Machine Learning tools to scope out the market and identify specific demographics across gender, race, ethnicity etc. This generates a long list of applicants, which we then work through, presenting our clients with a diverse shortlist. This thorough approach has proven to increase the hire of a diverse candidate by up to 86%.

During the interview management process, we support the reduction of unconscious bias through strategies such as blind resume submission, diversification of the interview panel and live feedback from prospective candidates to make in-time improvements. 


Unconscious bias has been spoken about frequently, and several studies show the vast impact this can have on hiring a diverse workforce across gender, race, sexual orientation, and disability; the first step to battling this is setting out a strategic, scalable plan of action.

All our managers undergo unconscious bias training to ensure we are hiring based on credentials and not for snap judgements. We aim to pick the best fit for our business to help us grow and succeed.

  • 66%

    women in FB250 leadership
  • 70%

    increase in women in the workplace from 2021
  • 100%

    looking for organisations to work with



A diverse workplace allows for more innovative ideas and businesses to have a broader range of skills among the team. That is why we have formed a DEI committee to ensure we do everything possible to have a safe and open office. Every few months, we send out a survey to the team to ensure everyone is being heard and we create positive changes.

Additionally, we have formed a culture committee with the core purpose of inclusivity in the workplace. We celebrate all cultures in the office, host charity donation events, and ensure our incentives are inclusive.

We're always growing and learning. We're open to partnering with causes; please contact