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At Forsyth Barnes we pride ourselves on having a fantastic Graduate Programme.

If you’re a graduate and you’re looking for a role that requires drive, ambition and hard-work for rewards and a globally recognised career then recruitment could be for you.

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“What’s it like to work at Forsyth Barnes?” “What will my colleagues be like?” “What’s the culture like?” “How will I get my first promotion?” “What are the offices like?”

We know joining a new business can be exciting and challenging, and we know that most people will want to find out lots about the company before they start.

At Forsyth Barnes we pride ourselves on the family culture, working hard and having fun. We have grown 100% year on year since inception and the growth opportunities here are not only fantastic, they are non-stop. You will be given training to make sure you understand your role and you will also be given the autonomy to manage your own workload, giving you a chance to feel empowered and take control of your own progression. We are a company where our team members’ progression is our priority that’s why we want ‘The Right People To Find The Right People’.

We’d love to tell you loads more about us; but we thought we’d get our staff to tell you why they love working here.

Antonio Catanho“I was one of the first to join the Academy team and came in with very little recruitment experience so felt it was the best route to get into the swing of things. There were clear advantages to this model, I was able to work closely with the consultants, all of which were easy to work with and able to provide expert advice. As well as being able to see out the full recruitment process, the academy has a dedicated training manager, who is an experienced consultant and is proactive about making sure we are ready to move into the role of consultant. In my time in the academy I acquired invaluable experience that I still use every day as a 360 consultant.”

Josh Palmer – “I joined FB and the academy in 2017, fresh out of Uni. I had no recruitment experience and was a complete novice to the industry. The sole reason I achieved my promotion early on into my career, and making my first full 360 deal, is down to the support and training I’ve received from FB. From group training sessions to individual desk cases, the ongoing support at FB is amazing. If you’re at the beginning of your recruitment journey, I couldn’t recommend the academy more highly!”

Matt Hardy“I joined Forsyth Barnes in 2017 and came in as an Academy Consultant. From the very start I was given a clear and achievable promotion target. I received training to make me a consultant – not a resourcer. I knew what I had to do to achieve my promotion and it was always clear. The support from the senior management was exceptional (and still is) and the support and advice from the other consultants is brilliant. If you ever need any help or are not sure on something anyone will be happy to help. I got promoted after 4 months and since then we have worked together to find the best market for me. I’ve received 1-1 training sessions to develop my skills and I am now loving building up my own desk!”

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