Women in Business

You’ll have heard about this topic recently – on the news, on the radio, in your social media feeds, in blogs, in politics, at work with colleagues, and so on. Women in business. Forbes recently posted an article around Internal Women’s Day and it’s not only in line with all the headlines, it’s also an interesting read (https://www.forbes.com/sites/moiraforbes/2017/03/07/7-reasons-to-be-optimistic-on-this-international-womens-day/#62e88c277ed5).

With March 8th just around the corner, women and businesses across the globe are preparing their Superwoman t-shirts to celebrate International Women’s Day and the FB team are also getting involved!

As a young business, widely recognised for its achievements in successful growth, innovation and technology, Forsyth Barnes are also proud to have a majority of women in their management team! Unlike other small businesses, they’ve tackled modern concerns head on; offering flexible working for parents and amazing maternity and paternity benefits too.

Management Today’s recent article (https://www.managementtoday.co.uk/14-small-businesses-wont-employ-women-discrimination-fears/women-in-business/article/1457241) discusses some of the more controversial topics and Forsyth Barnes have commented that they’re proud to be an employer with the right fundamentals in place to shape an ambitious and gender-equal work force as their business grows.