Week 1 with Forsyth Barnes – Charming, Collaborative & being EPIC…

As an experienced (questionably old?!) recruitment marketer, the term ‘New Year New Career’ has almost become akin to white noise at the start of January. This year however, I’m feeling very much part of the ‘New Beginnings’ brigade, finally understanding that time of year when full of optimism, we make resolutions, take on new challenges and actually keep them.

In the vein of being honest, my past resolutions have usually been firmly kicked to the curb by 02/01, so I’m really proud to be in week 2 and still beaming and quite frankly a little smug as I have well and truly hit the jackpot with this charming and funny collective.

Before my initial meetings with the Partners, I was still thinking about my options and which path I wanted to take, then I met Scott & Roheeland there wasn’t any mountain I wouldn’t climb to work for them and help with realising their ambitions. Now I’m a week in with FB and from the operations team, to the partners, the line managers and every single consultant within the business, their professionalism, kindness and friendliness is just simply there. It’s not instilled by Scott and Ro, more encouraged and nurtured as unless you have these core traits, you’ll not get over the first hurdle.

Notoriously a hard consultancy to get into, means that now I’m fortunately left to spend each day with a simply delightful, helpful, hard-working, charming & fun bunch of people all with the same vision and goals. Luckily for these guys, Scott and Ro make sure they have their rewards to keep them smiling, we’re not talking a decent package and a trip to Spain here, seriously, the guys have the choice of Dubai, Cancun, Florida or Vegas in March 2020! I’m thinking they probably need someone to carry the bags…?

Currently based in Nottingham, London and Leeds, this organically grown and investment free business has delivered incredible growth in both GP and headcount year on year since inception in 2016. They seriously know their stuff, they know their sectors and verticals intricately, they know their clients and candidates and are only here to do one job and that’s to make the right connections, hence their new strapline; ‘The right people to find the right people.’ Due diligence done, the first US Forsyth Barnes office will open in NYC in Q2 and with over 30% of their business taking place overseas, there’s no reason at all that this business can’t be the fastest growing organic business in the world.

All in all, my first week has been EPIC. No coincidence that EPIC is an acronym for the core values of this business (more to come on this…) and I’m closing my working week thanking my lucky stars that FB even let me through the door on day 1!

#FBTWD – Not too soon am I guys?