The FB Hutchisons – a family affair!

At Forsyth Barnes, there is definitely a family atmosphere within the work force! Amazingly and not by coincidence, we are now inundated with Hutchisons!

Back in 2016 our first Hutchison, Grant, joined Forsyth Barnes when the Nottingham Office first opened. Since that moment, he quickly over-exceeded in his new role and immediately started to climb his way up the FB ladder. Two years and 4 promotions later, here we are!

Grant heads up our Online and E-commerce division covering Retail, Gambling & Gaming, Web Services and Travel, and leader of a massively growing team – just to name a few of his specialisms.

Not long after his arrival was the oldest brother, Graham. After having spent the majority of his career in the sports industry, he joined to use his wide contact base to create and develop our offering to the Sports & Entertainment industry.

Again, similarly to Grant, Graham has shown great longevity and professionalism to not only work his way onto many of the great international FB Incentive holidays on offer, but is now leading his own department within the Sporting industry as the Director of FB Sports Limited; an entrepreneur in his own right!

The youngest of our Hutchisons is one of our many FB Academy success stories, Benjamin. Benji was one of the first graduates to join the FB Graduate Scheme back in 2018, and became a fully-fledged consultant within only 6 months! He is a great advocate to not only himself, but also our highly dedicated training team.

Between the 3 Hutchisons, they have pretty much travelled the world with FB! From Berlin to LA, they’ve collected an array of unforgettable memories due to their commitment, dedication and hard working nature – with the next adventure being our company holiday to Dubai! They are among our top FB Billers and manage some of our biggest accounts. Not to mention they are humble, humorous and simply great people to work with. A true family success story!

Excitingly, both Graham & Grant are currently recruiting within their rapidly growing teams, offering a handful of skilled consultants to join us on the FB mission! Get in touch today if you’re interested in learning more, these are opportunities not to be missed!

Here’s to the Hutchisons! We look forward to seeing where you go next!