Telecommunications and Forsyth Barnes

It’s no secret that the Telecoms industry is thriving. As a leading Executive Appointments Consultancy, Forsyth Barnes have taken the lead on understanding, mapping, and working with professionals in this industry in response to their client and candidate demands. As leading Telecoms specialists, Consultants Katie Ross and Samir Prince have worked with a number of high profile interim and permanent technology specific roles across the UK, EMEA and Africa regions and they are continually assisting more and more Executive staff in their searches for next steps.

Consultants at Forsyth Barnes deliver industry based advice to businesses and candidates alike. They pride themselves on being industry experts across a number of growing industry verticals and have helped their customers with information such as: insights into how the market currently behaves in terms of day rates, how high profile projects are expected to change the industry, and, industry trends in different areas across the globe.

With 5G becoming an increasingly more substantial talking point in the Telco space, here are Katie’s thoughts;

“With the industry working through a transitionary period to achieve 5G capability there are a multitude of challenges to overcome. One area of focus for operators is to re-architect their service layers with a single, converged service layer.  This would see a reduction in operational expenditure along with providing more network agility.

This focus will help operators counter innovation from web based communication providers and this new service layer will hopefully allow the transition to IMS networking and services more affordable in time and money.

This transition will be still ongoing when the first 5G networks are deployed. Although many Internet of Things 5G services will not require access to older generations of networks, others such as security, monitoring using video, voice control of machines, in vehicle concierge and emergency services and healthcare, undoubtedly will.”

Katie and Samir are the go-to Consultants at Forsyth Barnes for Telecommunications related projects and they take responsibility for managing client relationships while working with a bench of industry experts across the following disciplines:

  • IT Architecture
  • Programme & Project Delivery
  • Marketing
  • Finance

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