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After the post-Brexit slump and restructuring, media and advertising sectors will flourish in the digital age

07:30am. 24th June 2016. Hours into Britain’s decision to leave the EU. Metro papers stacked on platforms across the country tell a different story. Headlines suggest a narrow ‘Remain’ victory,  picturing Nigel Farage conceding a narrow defeat (minus a pint). The reality? Nigel Farage is heralding Britain’s Independence Day (probably post pint), and threats are already surfacing of economic woe. Digital media, through smart phones, audiovisuals, and similar technology gave us these accurate headlines. This offers a simplistic but fascinating insight for...

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Fintech’s boom too big to be stopped by Brexit

It has been one week since Britain went to the polls and voted to leave the EU. Shocked? Speechless? Perhaps a new adjective needs to be created for the post-Brexit reaction of many. Potential clouds of ambiguity over the financial industry before the vote have gone into a cyclonic overdrive. In the initial aftermath, the uncertainties for London’s financial technology industry appeared apocalyptic. At Forsyth Barnes we are looking beyond these doubts that London may lose the financial technology stronghold...

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Fintech start-ups are driving a financial revolution, and opening doors at the same time

Forward-thinking. Dynamic. Innovative. Not only do we, Forsyth Barnes, associate ourselves with these words, but they also describe the nature of sectors we specialise in. It therefore seems apt to kick-start our blog with a conversation about one of the most revolutionary sectors out there: Fintech. Accenture’s detailed study on the explosive rise of this sector places the UK as the country with the largest growth rate globally. Thanks to Accenture we now know that London accounted for 42% of Europe’s...

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