So, you think you’ve got what it takes?

So, you think you’ve got what it takes? 10 things you’ll need to make it as a member of the Forsyth Barnes family.

You’re a Recruiter, you’re driven, and you’ve done well in your previous role, but do you have what it takes to work at Forsyth Barnes?

In my five months working at Forsyth Barnes, we’ve interviewed tens of people, and we’ve hired 9. They’ve all gone through our recruitment process, they’ve all gone through the training, and they’re all settling in well.

So, what does it take to join this fantastic company?

Number 1 – Pride. You need to take pride in your work. Your CV must be well written. Presentation on your own CV can be the first impression you make, and you only have one chance to make it. We’ll be looking at your writing skills so we know you’re able to write in a credible and communicative way. Make sure it’s impressive.

Number 2 – Relationships. You must be able to build rapport with your interviewers (and therefore with clients and candidates). In a people-centered industry it’s an imperative skill and we’ll be looking for that in interviews.

Number 3 – Personal presentation.

Number 4 – Ambition. We recruit only the most ambitious and driven people. Not only do we offer a non-stop realistic Career Progression Structure allowing our team to fulfill their career aspirations, we are proud to work hard and reward exceptionally for those who do so.

Number 5 – Entrepreneurial mindset. An impressive background, a project during school or at home. You may not have a 1st from a top university, but you must be able to demonstrate that you have an entrepreneurial mindset through previous experiences and challenges you’ve embarked upon.

Number 6 – Passion. Succeeding in anything takes hard work and perseverance. Succeeding in recruitment takes a lot of hard work and a lot of perseverance, and you need to be passionate about succeeding in our industry.

Number 7 – Knowledge. For experienced recruiters, we expect you to know your billings. We expect you to be able to talk about what you did and how you got there. We’d expect you to be an expert in your industry. Do you know what your performance breakdown is? Can you talk about your industry?

Number 8 – Culture. We’re a driven team, and we want you to fit in and be happy here! We know that sometimes people won’t share the same values, but to be successful in joining our team you will be willing to work hard, learn a lot and you will want to constantly develop yourself.

Number 9 – Willingness to learn. You’re going to be joining a new team, you’re going to be learning a lot of new things and you will need to want to learn. The famous saying ‘every day is a school day’ could never be more relevant, and being open to learning new things is something that will make you successful at Forsyth Barnes.

Number 10 – Ability to laugh. We’re a close team and we like to have fun. To be successful here, you’ll be a fun and social person who wants to work hard, play hard and make friends that you’ll keep for life.

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