Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) refers to software that has the ability to automate processes that would otherwise require a human to do so. Recently this breakthrough technology has become a buzzword across many industries, with implementation of RPA tools happening throughout Insurance, Finance, Banking, Travel and Tourism and countless others. “By 2020, 86% of companies say they will hit ‘breaking point’ and will need Intelligent Automation to keep up” (Source: ServiceNow 2017 global survey of more than 1,850 business leaders.). Many companies worldwide are already seeing considerable benefits from RPA implementation, and realising the necessity of this new technology in order to keep up with their competitors. The market is currently hugely active with a range of BluePrism, Automation Anywhere, UiPath and many other specialist consultants who are aiding companies in the Robotic journey to transform the way the company operates. Some major benefits of RPA implementation are:


With the automation of processes that would otherwise require human interaction, RPA can provide an artificial workforce which can allow for a less numerous but better skilled team of employees. As well as this, due to the way the Robots work, it eliminates any chance of human error, allowing for businesses to focus their energies elsewhere. The standard of a robot’s work never changes, providing a seamless flow of work 24/7, which a human would be unable to provide.

Compliance and Governance:

Due to the removal of risk of human error, RPA can massively benefit organisations in regard to legislation compliance. Whilst removing human error risk, RPA also removes the risk of internal fraud and misconduct. Such as with GDPR, the biggest worry for most companies in 2018, sensitive data can be kept away from human sight and can be processed by machines, adding value with ease of compliance.

Cost Reduction:

“By automating 100+ processes, npower recently realised savings of £10 million per year, and were able to upskill the workforce to focus on front-office customer management and retention”, and the opportunity for companies to realise huge savings is absolutely massive with the implementation of RPA. –

These are but a few massive benefits that RPA can bring to any organisation. At Forsyth Barnes we can provide teams of skilled interim consultants who can implement RPA functions, set up RPA COE’s, maintain existing RPA processes or help to develop new possibilities within RPA.

If you are a company looking to implement RPA or requiring RPA consultants to join your business, or if you are an Automation Consultant looking for your next role, I’d welcome a chat with you to discuss any potential opportunities.

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