A Word From Scott Parsons: learning points from the past 12 weeks

What a crazy 12 weeks it’s been!

Recruiting Executive Markets lends itself to speaking to business leaders day in day out, and it’s been so interesting to see how different personalities have approached these unprecedented times. One of the biggest themes is that the vast majority of leaders have been making tough decisions and losing sleep, with 99% of leaders all looking to do right by their people to save people’s livelihood’s, to take the burden away to help their employees mental health and to always make the most ethical/moral decisions.

I am absolutely delighted and forever thankful with the amazing people we have at FB & the superb culture we have as a business, and I wanted to share a few great points & learning from the last 12 weeks at Forsyth Barnes:

1. Thank you to our core suppliers who’ve been incredibly accommodating – I think businesses have demonstrated their true colours which will influence who to work with in the future!

2. Proud we’ve been in a position to help & support clients ourselves with payment pauses, holidays, deferrals to support their cash flows – which I’m sure clients will also remember for years to come.

3. On a personal level, although lock-down difficult for all, I’ve really seen the positives in having more time at home with my young family, more time for nature and more time for learning, having taken an additional course at Yale University with the superb Laurie Santos. And most importantly, even more time with friends & family – albeit over the FB Provide platform/Zoom!

4. We went into March with the ambition of protecting jobs, continuing to pay full packages/commission/incentives to reward the hard work, and I’m delighted we’ve been able to do so! The one cut we made from March 1st is for Roheel & I to take a 100% pay-cut throughout this period.

5. Great to see strategically positioned well in robust, dynamic markets! Lots of other recruiters trying to re-invent themselves in our space too and competition makes us stronger!

6. We’ve had pub quizzes (who hasn’t!), Play Your Cards Right, Through the Keyhole, company exercise classes, a virtual visit from sports performance breathing coach, virtual birthday celebrations, fundraisers, PS4 tournaments, and Discriptionary; with FB Family & friends getting involved too – brilliant!

7. FBer’s have learned new languages, learned to play instruments, volunteered at food banks and have all taken much needed time off to see friends & families in parks/gardens as lock-down has lifted.

8. Continuous virtual training has been provided (& Roheel and I are delighted with how this has been received & delivered!) in a great time for learning!

9. We’ve made a further investment into well-being coaches coming in and providing 1-on-1 sessions, as well as mental health care programs for all FBers, and will continue to do so. We even had a mid-lockdown zoom visit from X-Factor’s Wagner to lift everyone’s spirits!

10. Four of our top earners approached us to say they would hold off their commission too, which really humbled me as a great commitment to the FB journey. Fortunately, we haven’t had to take them up on their amazing offers, but shows what great people we have! One of them has even donated a bonus to NHS – what a hero!

The markets have now returned to pre-lockdown levels with clients putting even more focus on quality, which is great news. It’s been tough, but we come out of this experience a better business, better leaders and more clarity than ever on FB realising it’s potential.

We are continuing our growth plans and have pledged to hire 10 more people for Forsyth Barnes in the next 6 months to support our clients, coming out of this uncertain economic period not just surviving, but thriving!

I firmly believe that 1 of the traits of a leader is to display positivity & optimism. Mine & Roheel’s jobs are made so much easier by being surrounded by awesome people who inspire that optimism.

Lots of love for all at FB and super excited of what the future now has in store!