Is Technology always the answer?


As one of the highest viewed Sports Leagues in the World, we have no doubt that everyone agrees with the fact that The Premier League deserves world-class officiating that gets it right every time. The effects of incorrect decisions are colossal, both on and off the pitch.


In the lead up to this season going live, we kept hearing the same question; ‘will VAR improve The Premier League?’ with a number of strong arguments both for and against.


“There is too much money riding on wrong decisions”

“If other leagues/sports around the world are able to make it work, why can’t football?”


 “Football is often referred to as the most exciting and unpredictable Sports in the World, but the introduction on VAR could see a massive slice of the enjoyment sucked out of games.” 

“VAR will still produce the wrong decisions”


We’re 9 games into the 2019/20 Premier League season, and it still one of the biggest talking points after most games, and not always positive. We can relate to both sides, as we’re sure many others in the World can right now. But we’re curious to take this topic one steps further and ask…


Is Technology always the answer to improvement?


Let us know what you think!