Gender inequality was so last decade

So many celebrations at Forsyth Barnes right now. One which is particularly prevalent this week is how fantastic it was to have an insightful and productive board meeting, attended by a complete equal split of ladies and gents.

Back in 2018 it became law for all businesses to submit their gender pay gap statistics and with some exceptions, this wasn’t happy reading for many. This in turn made businesses look at their gender balance.

While an unbalanced workforce doesn’t and shouldn’t necessarily reflect successful output whichever gender is predominant, it does however, open the eyes of leadership teams and prompts the question about what benefits could be had by working to gain a more equal split.

In the past 9 months, Forsyth Barnes have moved forward in leaps and bounds with female hires, both in the workforce and in management roles, while plenty of gents have joined us on our huge growth journey, we now have a formidable group of girls having a big influence and impact on our long term business strategy and day to day operations.

Without wanting to sound like Beyoncé; “Who run the world?” our workforce is 100% better, stronger, more fun and creative with our new more balanced business.

So, as we head towards International Women’s Day this Sunday, and with some of our senior managers attending at a women in business forum as we speak, we will all be thankful and celebrating our girls throughout this entire week.