Forsyth Barnes rewards Top Performers with New York Trip

Managing Partners at Forsyth Barnes reward star performers with a trip to New York for reaching their targets and maintaining a constant level of professional service. The executive search consultancy which began in 2015, has always had the ability to recognise effort and achievement, and with outstanding growth, the most recent news emerging is their constant expanding which is going to see the company open offices internationally.

The journey for the FB team started in January, when they were tasked to conquer the executive search market and excel past expectations with inspirations to take up a gauntlet to do their best to achieve a once-in-a-lifetime holiday, paid for by their employer. Once again, the team at Forsyth Barnes hit the ground running to drive targets, demonstrating an ambitious team already proving their worth and servicing clients. The holiday incentive consisted of a trip to either Portugal or New York (the goal) and, fuelling their desire to work quicker and smarter, using any setbacks as motivation to strive for success, the team set to work. They came to work early, stayed productive throughout and maintained their target driven approach to solving their clients’ staffing gaps.

After the outstanding performances from their employees who worked tirelessly and went above and beyond expectations, undeniably, nothing was going to get in their way and during FB’s presentation reveal it was announced that they were rewarded with their goal trip to New York.

The top performers described the build up to the trip as “exciting”, certainly a claim to victory; a pat on the back! Principally, the drivers for success were motivation from one another in the team filled with great consultants that not only boost each other’s morale, but push their colleagues to push past the boundaries and win great rewards in recognition for their hard work.

Due to high optimism and dedication the top performers have secured their trip to New York which includes a fun packed itinerary.  The plan for New York is to make their travel experience memorable with a visit to Madison Square Gardens, the opportunity to go and watch a boxing match live between Diaz and Crawford, once in a lifetime skyline evenings, and shopping in New York’s busy streets.

For them to perform to their best, this resulted from staying consistent and soaring through under pressure, using little setbacks to propel them to a successful outcome. The buzz for more circulates with the FB team making little hiccups a reason to work even harder and to go the extra mile. The top performers have surpassed expectations. They have expressed that to win, you need to “play hard and work hard” and the journey has been “tough but rewarding”. As the holiday is scheduled mid-year it is definitely a driver to set the consultants up for a great year ahead.