Forsyth Barnes are going to Miami

Incentive Upgrade; Miami anyone!?


The Directors at Forsyth Barnes could not be more proud or excited for their hard-working consultants and their epic achievements this quarter. Managing Partner Scott Parsons released the news yesterday about how they’re going to celebrate; with an FB winners trip to Miami!


‘When setting up Forsyth Barnes, Roheel & I had a passion for Consultants to be given the right environment to achieve their potential, and to be rewarded & incentivised more than anywhere else! With our amazing success stories, commission structure & unheard of incentive ladder, I’m confident we’ve achieved that, and that passion still drives our business strategy! I’m delighted to get to the office today, to update the top performers who’ve hit our latest FB Holiday to Ibiza. Ibiza is an amazing party destination, but we’ve gone even further to reward them for their success. We’ve upgraded the summer holiday and in 2 weeks’ time, these guys will be flying all expenses paid to the incredible City of MIAMI! Other recruitment consultancies may book holidays but tend to pay for a flight & a hotel and the top performers are expected to spend their own money for everything else! Not at FB! 5* Hotels, BA Flights, Michelin Meals, Activities & Super Clubs – all paid for! Leave your $$$ at home guys! Well done!


A massive well done to those who got onto the incentive, have a fantastic time in Miami and good luck to everyone who is already working towards the next holiday; wherever that may be…