Experienced Remote/Flexible Contract Hires.

As with the majority of the world, at Forsyth Barnes we’re busy contingency planning to ensure most importantly, that our employees stay safe, in almost equal measure we want to keep things business as usual, delivering our services from wherever we end up, whether that be office or based remotely.

With one eye firmly being kept on government advice, we’ve been continuously talking to our clients and candidates to find solutions to keep the businesses we work with running at full steam.

In a contract and interim hire world which has been largely dominated by the impending IR35 challenges, it’s swiftly become clear that to tackle this latest hurdle, a temporary solution could be exactly what organisations need at this time of uncertainty.

Products still need offering, orders still need fulfilling and services still need to be available in the UK and more importantly globally. Managing only senior appointments at Forsyth Barnes, remote and flexible working feature high up the agenda on the role profiles we work with. In the past year, c.35% of our permanent positions have been flexible on working location and over 60% of our contract placements have been remotely or flexibly based.

So, with many service based businesses wondering how the next month or so is going to pan out, a contract worker, experienced in working remotely while offering 100% efficiency and output, might be exactly what your business needs right now.

Research shows the benefits of remote working include; improved staff retention, greater efficiency for firms and employees, lower commuting costs and lower stress levels.  So with the coronavirus pushing many of us to hold meetings, interviews and get ad-hoc work done remotely, hiring a skilled remote contract worker could be the ideal solution, paying only for their time that you need, while alleviating all fears that operations will be negatively impacted in the coming months.

So while critical business planning is key, contract hiring is most definitely worthy of a bullet point on your contingency plan. At Forsyth Barnes, we can help you with all your senior level contract hiring across all verticals across the UK, Europe and the US.

Please do get in touch if you want to talk about the benefits of remote hiring in more detail or indeed if you have a gap you need covering ASAP. We can help you.

Forsyth Barnes Senior Contract Hire Managers:

stephen.reece@forsythbarnes.com / 01159 896 1600
antonio.cantanho@forsythbarnes.com / 0203 857 9200