12 Months at Forsyth Barnes

This time exactly one year ago today, I was getting ready to go to work in my new role as HR and Talent Coordinator at Forsyth Barnes, my new company. Today I’m the first in the office writing up an account of my first year here!

The last 12 months have been… in one word, a rollercoaster. In more words – a fun and challenging rollercoaster with nothing but non-stop laughter, non-stop change and non-stop learning. When I first met Scott and Roheel back in September last year, I had no idea how bought into their vision I’d be in 12 months, or how much I’d have grown and achieved as a part of their team.
We’ve gone from my day one – in a bursting-at-the-seams 16 man office in Kings Cross (I remember thinking it was small), to now being in two 30 man offices in London and Nottingham and we’ve grown the FB family by almost 20 (and counting!).

My first day started at 10am, and my onboarding went like this: introductions, tour, HR bits and pieces, forms, CRM introduction (mind-blowing at first, now my best tool), lunch with my new team, meeting with one director, meeting with the other director, run down of my role and; their, my, and our expectations, plans for 2017, and then it was home-time. Oh, I almost forget there was a phones introduction in there too… Roheel will probably have chosen to forget the phones being an issue for me. It was honestly probably Christmas time before I finally worked out how to put someone on hold – I blame them for buying top technology! Again, now another great tool, and way beyond the average 3310 user I used to be.

My first few weeks were tiring, I’d never done an office 8.30 – 6 job, and I was used to clocking off at 5.31 before as part of masses that are the London disengaged. I quickly got used to the fact that 6 really is just another time of day and before long I became a part of the FB team… Where we don’t have time to clock watch, where late nights don’t mean chilling on Facebook in the office and making a few calls to make it look like we were here… Part of a team that work later than contracted because it’s genuinely the chance to catch up, or catch the people we otherwise can’t, and we all know what that means in our industry.

Month 2, 3 and 4, I was somewhere between ‘really getting my feet under the table here’ and ‘still new, HELP!’… But Roheel and Scott knew how to bring out the best in me – both in a new role for me, and in a new role for the company. One thing in particular I’ll always massively respect them for, is their ability to call things in the right way. Where other managers may have failed through old-school micro-management techniques or through leaving staff completely to their own devices, they both pulled and pushed in the right ways and at the right times – exactly as they’d said they would in the interviews. It was, and still is refreshing.

Fast forward to October 2017…

For me, it’s been an amazing journey where I’ve learnt more about HR and recruitment than I knew existed, and I can honestly look back and say that making the move to join FB was the best career decision I ever made.

For the team, (and not including the trip to New York, or the many Michelin Star meals we’ve been to, or the nights out, or the difficult days, or the hilarious road trips, or the many celebrations not listed)… Here’s a list (because no one has time to read an actual diary) of what we’ve achieved in the last 12 months:

  • A new office location – Nottingham. The first Executive Search firm of our kind in the city.
  • Outgrowing our first office in Nottingham and moving to a bigger one.
  • An office move in London to another bigger office. We now have only 8 seats left to fill!
  • Being asked to appear in Recruiter.co.uk (page 17).
  • Being listed as the number one recruitment company in the Startups.co.uk index for 2017. (https://startups.co.uk/startups-100/)
  • And being named 16th Best Startup in the UK overall.
  • Being shortlisted for four of the EMC Business Awards.
  • And Scott being named the EMC Entrepreneur of the Year!
  • Being shortlisted for three awards in the Marketing and Digital Recruitment Awards!
  • Branching out into new territory, launching a Sports Division.
  • Creating, building and making the Forsyth Barnes Academy a success – giving more graduates the chance to become a part of a phenomenal business in two locations across the country.
  • Having our New York expansion plans talked about on the World Wide Web.

It’s impressive. Forsyth Barnes is making more and more people’s dreams a reality and we’re making headlines in the process.

In the last 6 months alone, we’ve given 5 promotions, we regularly pay 5 figure commission cheques, we have the best tools known on the market (and if you don’t think so – I’d love to hear what’s better), we’re taking people to countries they’d never have dreamed of affording before, we’re training and teaching people to become managers, we’re turning people in their early twenties into home owners, and we’re giving people the opportunity to genuinely benefit from what they’re doing with a 50% commission scheme. And finally (I think), and more importantly for me than anything else, we have leaders for bosses who have been there and done it themselves!

We’re coming up to our 3rd birthday as a business and while this write up really doesn’t do everything (and everyone) justice… It’s a snapshot of what’s happened and what’s to come. What we’re achieving at Forsyth Barnes is phenomenal, I’ve heard CEOs of companies describe the completely self-funded achievements and growth as groundbreaking and they’re not wrong. I often jest that I wouldn’t be able to work for a company I didn’t believe in, but it’s not a jest – there’s just genuinely nothing to not love about Forsyth Barnes.

And finally, I wouldn’t be doing my job without this part… We are constantly growing, so if you’re excited by what we’re doing here, then get in touch with me on 0203 857 9200.

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