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Maintaining your SaaS Customers & Reducing Subscription Churn

Churn rate: “The percentage of subscribers to a service that discontinue their subscription to that service in a given time period.” . Not a fun term at all. However, to lose customers is to lose money! The measurement of the churn rate is crucial information for your subscriber based SaaS. A high churn rate could have a detrimental effect on profits and hinder growth, and with this in mind, it would be ridiculous not to take charge of your SaaS...

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The Neobanking Revolution

With the events in the former half of 2020 shaking the consumer experience, many of us have turned to the online world to purchase goods and services. This is true, also, of banking. With Neobanks being on the rise since 2017, they have streamlined the user experience by removing physical branches entirely, relying wholly on the world of Fintech. Fintech is considered a modern movement, yet it is the financial industry introduced credit cards, internet banking, and contactless technology. With...

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The E-Commerce Surge

In recent years, the trend of consumers flocking to purchase their goods online has slowed down with traffic levelling off when compared to shoppers on the high-street. This can be accredited to the normalization of online shopping for the modern consumer. However, it is unfortunate that many companies are continuing to close their physical stores which results in job cuts. Nearly 10.000 retail jobs were lost in just January alone, which many put down to Brexit wariness. Whilst Brexit was...

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Traits of an Executive

Working one’s way up the company ladder is a difficult task. It takes hard work, ambition, and a real desire to succeed, but what we have come to learn is it also takes a particular kind of character. We’ve checked out the stats and compiled a mass of research to determine the most important traits that every Executive shares; and with the right attitude, these are traits that can be adopted and incorporated into your own persona to give you...

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The FB Hutchisons – a family affair!

At Forsyth Barnes, there is definitely a family atmosphere within the work force! Amazingly and not by coincidence, we are now inundated with Hutchisons! Back in 2016 our first Hutchison, Grant, joined Forsyth Barnes when the Nottingham Office first opened. Since that moment, he quickly over-exceeded in his new role and immediately started to climb his way up the FB ladder. Two years and 4 promotions later, here we are! Grant heads up our Online and E-commerce division covering Retail,...

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Your CV is the first chance to impress employers and recruiters, and with unemployment levels soaring due to Covid-related redundancies, we know it’s more important than ever to make sure you stand out on paper. Whilst experience is crucial, a poorly drafted CV could easily cause this to be overlooked. We’ve teamed up, combining the expertise of all our managers, consultants and Partners, and formulated a list of top tips for your CV to give you the best possible chance...

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A Word From Scott Parsons: learning points from the past 12 weeks

What a crazy 12 weeks it’s been! Recruiting Executive Markets lends itself to speaking to business leaders day in day out, and it’s been so interesting to see how different personalities have approached these unprecedented times. One of the biggest themes is that the vast majority of leaders have been making tough decisions and losing sleep, with 99% of leaders all looking to do right by their people to save people’s livelihood’s, to take the burden away to help their...

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Incentives, Rewards & Market-Leading Commission Scheme: Culture Matters at FB.

We have always been incredibly proud of the culture we have nurtured here at Forsyth Barnes, and believe in rewarding the hard work of our employees above all else. That’s why we boast not only an incredibly competitive commission scheme of up to 50%, but also why we offer an incentive ladder providing cars, luxury shopping trips and holidays – to name but a few! Our team are still raking in their bonuses and incentives, and whilst we wait patiently...

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In the new world that has been rocked like never before, we’re really pleased to share that armed with our virtual interview and on-boarding processes, we are continuing with our executive placement growth in the USA. Fortunately, businesses across the world are starting to feel more optimistic and with that comes forward planning and the confidence to hire, and we’re pleased to announce that our business continues to succeed in the USA. We’ve maintained previous relationships across the pond and...

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Jobs of the Future!

Wow – What an interesting read! Roles like Head of Artificial Intelligence, Chief Data Scientist, Virtual Reality Programmer were mere dreams of science fiction as recently as the turn of the millennium, yet they’ve become a core part of most organisations with lots of newly created exciting roles! In these unprecedented times, we now look to the future of work, and how that will be shaped & influenced. Advancements in technology and society changes have a huge impact in the...

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